RIG American Football Academy

There are 30 students attending RIG football academy, they go to Celsiusskolan in Uppsala (Sweden) and study in regular classes at the high school level (called gymnasium in Sweden). At gymnasium in Sweden students go for three years and so do the students at RIG. There are 10 students in each year and what differs them from others is the curriculum. They take the same classes all others students do, but with the add-on that they have practice every morning between 07:30 – 09:30 and once a week there is a theory lesson which touches on subjects as nutrition, anatomy, strength & conditioning, leadership etc.

Since RIG football academy receives extra government funding there are certain criteria that must be met and the selection/recruitment of students is rigorous. One criteria is to produce top level football players. To do that there is a combine every year when the top 24 applicants go through a three day selection process which entails speed and agility testing as well as strength tests. All applicants are interviewed and go through a series of tests in group settings. They are there because they are good football players and RIG must determine which 10 have the biggest chance of becoming national team players at a high international standard. 

Another criteria is to make sure the students are academically prepared and eligible for post-gymnasium studies (i.e. eligible for studies at university). Therefore the coaches/teachers at RIG meets with the students individually to guide/help them reach their individual goals, both as players and students. They are student-athletes in the true sense of the word.

The RIG player go to class with students that have the same major (economics, social or natural science) and all “normal subjects” are taught by teachers in the respective field. All football related classes are taught by the two full-time coaches working at RIG academy, Robert Johansson and Andreas Ehrenreich.  For position specific work and during football season, RIG academy have coaches come in for that specific time/class.

If you have further questions, please feel free to use our ”contact” page to get in touch with us at RIG academy